This Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Review an exploration of how hot it really gets.

Halloween may be the best time to indulge your sweet tooth. But Burger King has a new Ghost Pepper Whopper for spice-lovers that will make your taste buds scream. You might be wondering how the new Ghost Pepper Whopper will compare to other Halloween-inspired items if you aren’t a fan of spice. This Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper review was my chance to try the burger. It consists of everything you need to know, from how it tastes to how many tears it will cause (and how you can get it).

Burger King Ghost peppers don’t require you to believe in ghosts. You only need to try the Ghost Pepper Whopper from Burger King. The teaser was posted on the official Burger King IG account Oct. 11. Its spicy queso and crispy jalapenos, Ghost Pepper Cheese, flame-grilled beef patty, crunchy bacon and crispy jalapenos elevate the Whopper to a whole new level. Because it’s Halloween, the stacked menu item is served between two toasted orange breads with black sesame seed. The limited-edition Ghost Whopper by Burger King from 2019 was a haunting memory. It featured a white, ghostly-flavored, cheddar cheese-flavored bun. However, the OG Ghost Pepper Whopper is the best. COURTESY OF BURGER KING

If you aren’t sure if the burger is too spicy for you, I tested it to find out. You might be curious if you have a high tolerance of spice.

Burger King Ghost pepper Review

I was expecting to be overwhelmed by the smell of peppers. I was surprised to only smell hints of bacon. When I looked inside the burger, the cheese had a darker color than normal (hello ghost peppers!) and I spotted the crispy jalapenos. The buns were not orange and the sesame seed weren’t black. But I didn’t care.

As I bit into the burger, both the jalapenos as well as the spicy cheeses fought for my attention. Although the spice was strong enough to make me sneeze, it didn’t overwhelm my taste buds. The grilled burger was delicious and flavorful. The bacon added a nice smokey flavor that almost negated the sensation of tingling in my tongue. The burger got more spicy as I ate it, but I didn’t feel my eyes water. This is the best way to accurately gauge spice levels, IMO.

It was surprising that it wasn’t more spicy for someone like me, who has a low tolerance for spice. While some bites were hot, I was surprised that the bacon and burger canceled out most of the spice. You won’t find it difficult to eat the Ghost Pepper Whopper unless you don’t think mint is spicy. However, you might find yourself reaching for your water quite a few times. It was me.COURTESY OF THE BURGER KING

Burger King Ghost pepper Prices

The suggested retail price for the Ghost Pepper Whopper is $5.49 according to Burger King. Prices may vary depending on where you live. It will cost you slightly more if you get fries and a drink.

Burger King Ghost pepper Release Day

On Oct. 10, the Ghost Pepper Whopper started slowly to roll out in stores. However, the spicy burger will be available nationwide via online and via the Burger King app.

How long will the Burger King Ghost pepper be available?

You will not be able to get the limited-edition burger until supplies run out.

You can’t wait to find out what the Ghosts are up to on the Burger King app, Oct. 17. You can order a Ghost Pepper Whopper for two from Burger King’s Royal Perks rewards programme online or through the app. The BK app has a ghost detector that allows you to track paranormal activity in your home.

Final Conclusion – Burger King Ghost peppers

It’s a good idea to stay away from brightly glowing orange objects. They can be seen. They know that you can see them. They are basically challenging you to play around and discover the truth.

Example: The venom of the golden poison frog (Phyllobates terribilis), is strong enough to kill 10 adult.

It is not an accident that the world’s most deadly animal sometimes has the same color scheme Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper — pumpkin orange, with black spots.

It’s a cautionary tale. Burger King will offer you a burger on a bun that is vividly colored if you don’t take it seriously. The Halloween celebrations are still fresh in my mind.

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