Top 10 High Protein Fast Food

We would cook a delicious meal for every meal in an ideal world. Fast food may be the only option. The National Academy of Medicine recommends that adults consume a minimum of 0.8g protein each kilogram of bodyweight, or approximately 7g for every 20 lbs. To stay within the recommended range, you will need approximately 20 grams per meal. There are many restaurants that offer satisfying protein, and not just refined carbohydrates. These are the top 10 high protein fast food options at the most well-known .


KFC offers an alternative to home-style fried chicken, just like Popeyes. Instead of ordering a bucket full of greasy goodness, choose the Grilled Chicken bucket on KFC’s Healthy Menu. This will eliminate tons of carbs. It is slow-grilled and marinated in a seasoning and slow-cooked to retain its flavor and texture, even without the thick batter we are used too. The grilled chicken can be purchased in a bucket, chicken combo meal or Big Box Meal.


Subway sandwiches are the perfect combination of both. This sandwich is high in protein but low in fat and sugar. It can be difficult to find in a sandwich shop. The condiments are high in sugar and sodium, making many of the protein choices extremely high-fat. Rotisserie Chicken Sub is a great option for those looking for a simple, filling meal.


Wings are a great source of protein, and make a delicious dinner for the entire family. Wingstop offers a variety of wings with varying amounts of protein. You can choose to order based on how high you want your protein intake. You can season your wings with more than 12 sauces or dry rubs, including garlic parmesan and lemon pepper. Plain wings are a better option to lower your sodium intake.


Core Life, a brand new franchise, is expanding its roots across the country and offering delicious, healthy food. This is a fast-casual restaurant with a similar style to Chipotle. You can choose to order your meal in a pre-set order or in an assembly line. Core Life Power Plates are great for high-protein dietters. You can choose your protein source, side, house-roasted vegetable medley and sauce, as well as a side.

5.Arby’s Roast Chicken Entrée Salad

Arby’s Roast Chicken Entrée Salad

Arby’s has a version that includes grilled chicken, which is a far cry from many fast-food salads. For a satisfying lunch or dinner, add pepper bacon, tomato, cheddar, and ranch dressing.

6. Grilled Chicken and Hummus Protein Box

per serving 300 calories 9, 9g fats, 32g carbohydrates 7g fiber 6g sugar, 22g of protein

Another protein-rich item from the well-known coffee chain is the grill chicken and hummus boxes that has 22 grams of protein, and just nine grams of fat.

7. Panera Bread Turkey Sandwich

Per serving 525 calories 20g fat, 54g sugar, 4,g of fiber 4g sugar and 32g protein.

Yes, Panera’s famous turkey sandwich has twenty grams of fat per portion However, only 3.5 grams of saturated fat. Additionally, you can order an order in half to cut this amount down to half (or request not mayonnaise).

8. Dunkin’ Veggie Egg White Omelet

Per serving 130 calories, 290 calories fat, 27g carbs 5g of fiber, 4g sugar, and 17g of protein

The name is a reference to an omelet, but it’s actually an actual sandwich. The lightest Dunkin’s breakfast choice contains 17g of protein, and only 289 calories. A great start to the day indeed.

9. McDonald’s McDouble

Per serving 400 calories 20g fat, 33g carbs 2g fiber, 7g sugar , and 22g of protein

We understand that sometimes salads just don’t cut it. Luckily, McDonald’s McDouble (aka two patties of beef, American cheese, pickles along with onion, ketchup, as well as mustard) is surprisingly low in carbohydrates and calories given the amount of protein it contains. If you’d like to reduce the cheese and cut down on the calories by 50 and gain 4g of fat.

10. McDonald’s McChicken

Per serving 400 calories 21, 21% fat (21g), 39g carbohydrates 1g fiber 5g sugar, 14g of protein

It’s true that McDonald’s have cut down on their menus since COVID-19. However, McDonald’s offers McChicken. OG McChicken. Take a bite of mayonnaise and you’ll cut off 100 calories as well as 11g of fat.

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