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‘The Watcher’ Ending – Exactly who was living inside the secret tunnel at the door? Who could possibly be the Watcher?

The neighborhood is an important factor in deciding whether to buy a house. Is it safe…

ByByRahul YadavOct 14, 202219 min read

Poverty, climate, space: China’s progress over the past ten years has the Xi Jinping Regime leading the charge.

The government of Xi Jinping’s China has lifted millions of people out of poverty, launched…

ByByRahul YadavOct 14, 20225 min read

The Rings Of Power – Season 1

The Rings Of Power has wrapped up its first season. All I can say is: . . Shame on…

ByByRahul YadavOct 14, 202210 min read

PM Modi Launches Vande Bharat Express – Train 18

In about three hours, one can travel the entire distance from New Delhi to Chandigarh…

ByByRahul YadavOct 12, 20223 min read

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