The Education Department has introduced a beta version of its graduate student loans forgiveness application.

On Friday evening, a “beta” test of the application for student loans relief was made public. This launched the Biden administration’s massive program to cancel student loans for tens and millions of Americans.

A Department of Education test application is the long-awaited first step of a policy that was announced in August. It allows people with federal student loans to request up to $20,000 of relief. This depends on the type of financial aid received.

Borrowers will be able submit applications for student debt relief programs during the beta testing period according to a spokesperson from the department. They won’t have to reapply if their application is submitted during the beta test.MORE: The process of forgiving student loans will be ‘easy’ according to the White House, which released a sample application.

The department will monitor the performance of the application site through “real-world usage” before the official launch later in the month. The department claims it can improve processes and find any bugs.

Pell Grant recipients will receive the maximum amount of debt relief, up to $20,000, Other borrowers with federal loans can get up to $10,000 relief.

Anyone who earned less than $125,000 or $250,000 in a married couple during the 2020 or 2021 tax years is eligible for this relief.

Student Loans Application Submit Details

Applicants should submit their applications before mid-November to be eligible for student loan cancellations. The pause on student loans payments will lift on January 1, 2023. Debt relief applications will close at the end the year. They will expire on December 31, 2022.

Student works in Rice University Library, Houston, August 29, 2022.Brandon Bell/Getty images, FILE

However, there is a small group of borrowers who have been ruled out by the Biden administration in a late modification. These loans are guaranteed by the federal government and are handled by private banks.MORE: Details and key dates for student loan forgiveness

According to the Biden administration, the rule change made in September disqualified approximately 700,000 people from this policy.

The administration pointed out that this was only a small percentage of potential users compared to what the policy could do. Advocates have noted, however, that the success of the policy depends on how many people are aware of it and how easy they can apply.

The policy will apply to 43,000,000 Americans and 20,000,000 could see their debt completely erased, according to the White House. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it’s estimated to cost about $400 billion over the next 30 years.

This application rollout is occurring as the policy has been repeatedly challenged in court, mainly by conservative organizations and states. They argue that the Biden administration does not have the authority cancel student loan debt.

The lawsuits have not yet stopped the program. However, the Biden administration claims that the program is legal under the HEROESAct, an act that gives the Secretary of Education greater authority during emergencies such as COVID-19.

Although he acknowledged that the plan was controversial, President Joe Biden defended it as the right thing.

Biden stated that he didn’t understand everything he was announcing today would make everyone happy in a speech at White House.

He said, “I will never be sorry for helping working people”

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